Certified Emissions Inspections in Holly

Why Emissions Inspections Are Important

Emissions inspections are crucial for maintaining public health and environmental quality. By ensuring your vehicle complies with MI emissions standards, you contribute to reducing air pollution and enhancing air quality in Holly. Regular inspections help identify necessary repairs that can improve your vehicle's efficiency and lower harmful emissions.

Our Emissions Inspection Process

At Wilkinson Auto Repair, our emissions inspections are thorough and conducted by certified technicians. We use the latest diagnostic tools to accurately assess your vehicle's emissions levels and identify any issues that may cause your vehicle to not meet state and federal guidelines.

What We Check During an Emissions Inspection

Exhaust System Evaluation

We thoroughly inspect your vehicle's exhaust system to detect any leaks or issues that could affect emission levels.

Emissions Control Systems Checks

Our technicians evaluate the effectiveness of your emissions control systems including catalytic converters and evaporative emissions systems.

Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) Analysis

An OBD test is performed to ensure that the onboard computer system of the vehicle is functioning correctly and detecting any emissions-related issues.

Common Reasons for Failing an Emissions Test

Common issues that can cause a vehicle to fail an emissions test include a malfunctioning oxygen sensor, issues with the catalytic converter, or evaporative emission control system defects. Our team at Wilkinson Auto Repair can diagnose and repair these issues promptly.

How to Prepare for Your Emissions Inspection

To prepare for your emissions inspection, ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and that the check engine light is off. Driving the vehicle for about 30 minutes before the inspection can help warm up the engine to its normal operating temperature, which can improve test results.


What is an emissions inspection?

An emissions inspection tests your vehicle's exhaust to ensure it conforms to regulations set by environmental agencies. It checks that your vehicle is not contributing to air pollution beyond allowable levels.

How often do I need an emissions inspection?

The frequency of required emissions inspections can vary by MI. Typically, it is required annually or biennially. Check local Holly regulations or contact Wilkinson Auto Repair for specific requirements.

What if my vehicle fails the emissions inspection?

If your vehicle fails the emissions inspection, necessary repairs must be made to comply with emission standards. Wilkinson Auto Repair offers comprehensive repair services to address any issues and help you pass the re-inspection.

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Staff are knowledgeable, friendly, kind and helpful. We are glad our vehicles are fixed now. Thank you!

, 06/20/2024

I brought my the Chevy traverse in because I was having a lot of issues my ABS light would not allow me to turn it on and I had an engine lights on. Wilkins and help me figure out that my alignment was off and my sensor was bad and that's why my ABS light was not working and they also found out that I had numerous other codes going on with my car they were very friendly and very helpful they even told me that when my engine light came back on to bring it back and they will check the codes again to help me figure out what's going on with my car. They worked with me and give me a great price for everything they did for me. Thank you

, 08/05/2021

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I really want to thank the wonderful people at Wilkinson Auto repair for the great work they did on my car today. I was returning home to Alpena when my car broke down while driving north on I-75. My vehicle was towed to Wilkinson Auto Repair due to the proximity of where the vehicle broke down. I don't think I could have ended up in a better place! Despite it being a Friday afternoon, they quickly worked me in to their schedule. They diagnosed the problem as an alternator issue, and were able to a find replacement part quickly. They had me on the road back home within a couple of hours. Everyone working there was very kind and helpful. Thank you to all the wonderful people at Wilkinson Auto!

, 07/12/2021


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